Types Of Garage Door Opener: You Will Know What To Buy

Garage owners have a serious concern to have their garage updated and secured. As a garage owner, you have to look upon the latest and best up-gradation your garage can have. A fully equipped automatic garage door opener is one of them. You may be looking forward for updating your garage with modern and latest technology like security key opening, automatic opening and closing, fast working doors etc. Direct or computer driven garage door openers are popular these days .To know more about automatic garage door openers, you can explore the site of Garage Automatics, where you will get the latest reviews of top models and information about various types, features and buying guide of door opener. Apart from automatic garage door openers, there are other types which you should know of.

Types of Garage door opener

Chain Dive Door Opener: The chain drive door opener system is usually less expensive than other types. Here, the door is lowered or raised by a trolley which is driven by a metal chain. However, they are cheap but noisy and cause vibration. It can be troubling if you are having your garage in home premises as noise will disturb you.

Belt drive door opener: The functionality of pulling trolley is similar as in chain drive door opener except the fact that rather than chain, belt drives the trolley for lowering and rising of door. It is considered better as belt performs the work in a smoother and quieter manner in comparison to the chain. It needs less maintenance than chain drive door opener as it consists of lesser number of parts.

Screw-drive Door opener: Here, a threaded steel rod is used for lifting mechanism. The trolley moves along the track by the rotation of steel rod which enables the opening and closing of doors. They also need low maintenance as of fewer parts than any other type.

Direct-drive door opener: This type of garage door opener offers quiet work. They work differently as compared to others as you can set it up just above the door rather than the ceiling. Going with direct or computer driven door opener systems, you will get the ceiling space as a storage which is an added benefit with this type of door opener. But availability of this type is bit less than others being a new and expensive technology.