Top 4 USB Microphones On a Budget

If you are just starting out and thinking about doing a podcast or offer voice over as a service you might want to look into a USB microphone that won’t break the bank so for that reason we selected the four best mics you can find under a 50 dollars so let’s not wait and get started.

Fifine USB Plug & Play Microphone

Fifine is probably the most prominent brand available at Amazon as they are topping the list and are extremely affordable. This specific model we just found costs only 22 dollars and is labeled as Amazon’s preferred choice.

It comes with a decent noise cancellation feature and obviously, it’s a plug & play device but any USB microphone has that of course, no surprise there. The frequency for such an affordable mic is quite impressive at 50-16000Hz, and it allows you to record directly to your computer, what more do you want!?

Zaffiro Computer Microphone

It’s just released and comes in a little under 17 dollars and as it has already received 35 reviews with an average star rating of 4.4 it’s hard to go wrong with this one, especially because of the extremely low price.

It has a patented chip embedded which fixes the PoP quality problem that most cheap microphones have to deal with, and thanks to its flexible design you can put it in any angle that you want, no more bending yourself to speak right into the mic.

Blue Snowball Condenser

If you have a slightly larger budget I highly recommend this Cardioid microphone. At a cost of $49 it’s definitely not something to cry over and if you plan to use it for professional purposes instead of in-game play it’s not a bad idea to spend just a little bit more than the cheapest you can find.

Although its far from studio quality it is great for Skype sessions which makes it extremely suitable for online tutors of any kind. You could even use it for podcasts and few will know you paid so little for it.

Tonor PC Microphone [USB]

Last but definitely not least is the USB microphone from Tonor that is also reviewed over here:, although it’s priced similar to the first two we reviewed the ratings come in a little lower with an average star rating of 4 from 80+ customers. Still not bad for a microphone that only costs $22 at the time of writing so definitely worth it to give it a shot.