Tips to Create a Marketing Strategy that Works on Twitter

To give your brand a competitive edge on Twitter, you have to get the right mix of activities to create a power-packed marketing campaign. The idea is to come up with a strategy that runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively. These tips will help get you started.

Invest in Bots

Unless you’re new on Twitter, you know that activities such as link clicks, replies, retweets and profile clicks can get you thousands to millions of engagements and impressions. The only problem is that these tasks may consume a lot of your time. Indeed, you want to create a far-reaching campaign, so you’re better off buying bots to take care of such activities automatically.  And, who’s more suited to recommend the best Twitter bots than Fred Harrington an SEO and social media marketing specialist with years of expertise in the field.

Follow Discussions and Participate Actively

Twitter is without a doubt one of the best social media platforms to stay informed. Make sure that you keep track of the trending discussions. Tweet and take part in such topics and gather as much attention as you can. Other than exposing your brand, you’ll also get to know and follower influencers in your industry. Plus, you’ll draw the attention of connectors, and that’s good for business.

Make use of Live Video Tweets

Statistics indicate that up to 80% of those who view a video on Twitter are likely to remember it. Therefore, post live video broadcasts as a way of giving your brand a real-time appearance on social media. Live video tweets, by extension, allow you to reach to a large audience. And the best part is that anyone viewing the video can join and interact. You’ll need to keep the content of your videos fresh and realistic to engage your followers.

Thread Tweets Together

Now, you can express more with your threads.  This strategy allows you to start a tweet and keep updating it by simply adding more tweets to the original tweet. That way, potential followers and customers can see your thread quickly. Besides, the fact that you can thread tweets together means that you can serialize your thoughts and put your points across better.

The Bottom Line

Social media marketing is a must for any serious brand or business. And, how well you execute your marketing strategy is what determines how successful you will be. Be creative and keep learning to stand out.