Is your Suit Properly Tailored?

Any fashioned conscious man will tell you that he owns a pair or two of tailored suits. You see, suits are timeless and are likely to remain fashionable for years to come. However, all suits are not equal! Here’s what makes an excellent bespoke suit.

Hemmed Pants

This is where you’re likely to go wrong when it comes to tailored suits. You’re not alone though – even celebrities – who’re presumably in the know – miss the point. Sure, you can choose a trouser that doesn’t cover your ankle in the name of fashion. In reality, however, such pants make you appear shorter. Thus, opt for a small break that slightly brushes the top of your shoes.

Fitting Shoulders

The shoulder of any well-tailored suit jacket shouldn’t feel like its “hugging” you. If the shoulders are tight, the jacket may be too small for you. On the other hand, a sagging jacket is too big. Ask any expert tailor, and they’ll tell you that the shoulders are arguably the most “sensitive” parts of a  suit jacket.

The thing is, almost every other part of your jacket can be altered, but not the shoulders. By extension, this tells you that you should be careful where you’re buying your bespoke suits. At the very least choose a professionally made piece. On that note, be sure to check out custom tailored 3 & 2 pieces that will blend in with your body’s shape to give you an elegant look.

Hemmed Sleeves

The sleeves of your suit’s jacket may not be as sensitive as those your pants, but their appearance is essential all the same. The hem shouldn’t hit your knuckles. However, they should enable you to show off your cuff-links. The beauty of is that your tailor can always trim and hem the sleeves if they’re too long.

The Collar Gap

While you may not be able to see, those around you will. Thus, make sure that the collar of your suit jacket fits properly around your neck. It should sit on your shirt collar, without leaving a gap. Again, your tailor can fix the jacket if the gap is relatively small. Nonetheless, make sure that you choose a fitting collar from the kick go, so be careful when buying.

In conclusion, any tailored suit that’s worth your money should have a small waist. However, you should be able to move in the jacket. Also, you’re better off with tapered trouser to create a tailored silhouette.