Secrets Revealed: Quick Fire Tips When Buying a Salad Spinner

Truth be told, nicely cooked salad entices the taste buds of most people. Salad needs to be part of your menu if you are to lead a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, getting the right merchandise is paramount when it comes to spinning of your salad. Read further to learn about qualities to look out for when buying a salad spinner.

First things first, what is a salad spinner? This is an amazing kitchen tool that spins salad at the push of a button and usually consists of a plastic bowl coupled with a detachable strainer basket. The centrifugal force generated wipes out excess water from your salads in order to prevent them from going limp. Spinning also helps essential oils and salad dressing stick to the leaves. With that behind us, here are pointers to help you buy a good salad spinner.


Now that you will have a wide variety to choose from at your favorite store, you might be tempted to go for big models that fall within your budget. The right spinner size offers an exceptional setting by keeping storage issues at bay and there is additionally no need to go for the biggest if your salad needs aren’t as demanding. But if making large salad amounts is what you have in mind, the bigger the better.

Easy to Operate

A salad spinner that requires you to have an encyclopedia just to get it started should be given a wide berth. Its working mechanism is an aspect that you must never overlook as this will ensure you have an easy time.


Plastic and stainless steel are the commonest materials used in the manufacture of salad spinners. This might seem of little importance but it could make all the difference because you are assured of a tad more of durability with stainless steel. Inclining towards plastic on the other hand will work in your favor if you have a soft spot for light material.


If you are fond of traveling, it would be in your best interest to consider this. One that allows you to deconstruct the parts will leave you smiling as a Cheshire cat. The market now has salad spinners that are collapsible without compromising on functionality. This means storage will pose no challenge and the ease of cleaning will come as an extra bonus.

Here we are! That wasn’t rocket science, was it? Considering the aforementioned will ensure that you take home a salad blender that is worth every dime you pay.