The Need for Practice Pads

Every drummer worth his salt must be conversant with practice pads. These are those little rubber circles or octagons that the drum teacher used to nag you with each day to help you become the drummer you are.

Your drum teacher might have known what he was doing because these practice pads give you a portable and easy to use solution to improve drumming skills.

As with anything that relates to drumming, these pads come with certain advantages that you need to be aware of. Let us look at these benefits.

Ideal for Warming Up

Anyone who goes for a sport understands the need for warming up when it comes to doing anything complicated. This is why it is important to warm up when you plan to drum at a more serious function. Warming up with the practice pad is a great way to transition to the actual drum kit.


One of the limitations of using a drum kit to practice is that it is not portable. You are limited to a single place that you can train from. However, with these practice pads from Drumkit Digital, you enjoy the luxury of becoming independent, allowing you to decide where to practice from.

This gives you a convenient way to practice. These are light in weight and silent, and you can use them from the comfort of your hotel room without waking up the neighbours.

Gives You the Practice You Need

These practice pads come with the same kind of response that a full drum kit features. The surface has the same kind of response that the real kit features. This aspect makes them ideal for practice, which means that you can use them to practice for an upcoming concert.

They Highlight Errors

If you have issues with your drumming skills, they will come out clearly when you use a practice pad. This is not possible with acoustic drums because they produce a very high volume and might hide some flaws.

Practice pads are made of rubber, and this surface will echo any mistake that you make, making sure you identify the mistake and correct it.

The Practice Pad Is Not Enough

Using the practice pad is beneficial, but this is not all. As the name implies, they are only meant for practice as opposed to the real thing that requires you to use the right drumkit.


Make sure you have the perfect practice pad to hone your skills.