To Legalize Pot or Not?

Showtime’s WEEDS is one television show that projected the future of cannabis – and that future happens to save a place for cannabis in a legal system.

But while realistic in a sense, that show is still fiction. And sure, even though there are some places that serve as an exception, the fact remains this:

Growing cannabis can get you in trouble with the law.

That being said, what do you think about legalizing cannabis?

Let’s look into both sides of the story.


Did you know that Lumi Growth sells LED lights that promote the growth of cannabis?

Based on this, you can presume that cannabis has a spot in the future. After all, people are being encouraged to grow cannabis – albeit indirectly. And you can understand why.

Many people are fighting for the legalization of cannabis for good reasons.

The most important one and one that’s definitely worth acknowledging are the health benefits that come with it. It helps with the treatment of anxiety, nausea, and arthritis.

Cannabis also helps with more serious illnesses. This includes Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and terminal cancers.

No Way!

Then here’s the other side.

Other people don’t want to help legalize pot for good reasons, too. Their reasons are certainly not about them being major buzzkills.

They make a fair point and they are simply heeding the call of pragmatism.

According to them, the issue isn’t just about cannabis having positive effects. Rather, it’s about the plant being the subject of reckless and extravagant use.

And according to them, there will be a venue for more problems to come if no law that stresses the moderate use of cannabis exists.

Sure, cannabis comes with promising health benefits. But these health benefits can actually go missing if the weed isn’t used correctly.

If a person chooses to overuse it, he’s looking at the threats of addiction. And if this were the case, he just used cannabis to create a problem for himself.

Think about it. He doesn’t need to use cannabis. If he wanted to treat anxiety, for example, he has other options (like an over-the-counter medication).

To Sum It Up

In the said television show, most of its protagonists put their bet on the legalization of cannabis. But it was all there is to it: a bet. The basis for its “happy ending” was luck.

So if you want to take matters with cannabis seriously, perhaps you shouldn’t follow their lead. You should know better than to leave it up to wishful thinking.