Why Instagram Is Popular Among Bloggers

Social media has made blogging not only fun but more effective as people are able to pass their messages in real-time. It does not matter whether you are in the fiction or non-fiction area, social media can be the fuel you have been looking for all through your blogging career. You may have noted that popular bloggers are very active on social media and they try as much as possible to engage their followers. You should understand that an active social presence increases the chances of people landing on your blog. The following are the reasons that make Instagram the perfect platform for bloggers


    1. You can supplement your content with visuals


The current generation has a thing with visuals and Instagram is a perfect platform when it comes to this. You can prepare infographics highlighting the main points from your post and then direct people to follow the link on the bio section for the full post. You can as well let people know the face the behind the keyboard by posting your photos. You can take photos while you are busy working as people love interacting with people they can relate to. Ensure that the visuals that you use on your posts relate with the content that you share.


    1. It is easy to automate some functions


Even though blogging seems to be fun, it can also be draining when one is preparing content. The kind of content that keeps readers glued takes a lot of effort to prepare but most people do not know this. The same people expect you to engage followers, search for new followers and know all the trending hashtags. It can be overwhelming which means you have no time for social activities. However, if you get tools that you can use to schedule your posts, generate likes on your posts and follow new users, then you can get more time to focus on blogging. Reviews are very important but luckily Social10x, Likesocial and Plan My Post are all reviewed on Medium.com to help you make informed decisions.


    1. It is a great conversation tool


People are very active on social media which means that you can transfer your conversations from the blog to this platform. You can interact with followers and get suggestions on how to improve your craft as well. You can as well use the platform to sell your products or even recommend some and earn commissions as a reward.