Instagram For Churches

Instagram has proven to be a great hit across all industries, but one is often overlooked. Since the world has become a visual platform, with people opting for visual content compared to text, then Instagram is a great way to share the story of your church.

Do you know that 98 percent of churchgoers say that a church that uses social media is more appealing than one that doesn’t? And the whole group uses social media to check for any updates you post. Many are willing to communicate to you via social media and voice their concerns over this platform as compared to face to face contact.

Traditionally, you had to communicate through text messages and posts, but now you can communicate the story of the church through video and images. Let us look at the different ways you can use Instagram in your Church.

Post Service Times

One of the best ways is to communicate your service times. You can do this using a relevant poster that shows the different times that you hold the service, the topic of the day and more. When your congregation knows the service times, they react much better and plan well. Users who seek a church in your locality also get the chance to know when to come to church.

Give a Sneak Peek of Your Services

65 percent of the impressions you will come across is video content. You can make use of video in different ways, ranging from showing a part of the sermon to a welcome speech by the pastor. The videos will be well received because they show what your sermon looks like.

Show What More You Do

If your church runs a particular charitable organization, or if you support one, you can post the pictures of the various activities you handle at the charity. Posters can share their experiences in these activities and add some credibility to your campaign.

Build Your Credibility

It is hard for you to attract more people to the church if you have a small following. To get more people to your church and your page, you need to have enough followers. One of the ways to do this is to automate your engagement. You can achieve this by visiting a credible site offering tools and tips to automate the page. The Small Business Blog offers all the tools you need to make your page more authoritative.

Do Something Fun

You need to show your congregation that you are more than just a church that meets every Sunday and a few days of the week. To this end, you can come up with a contest for your audience. You can, for instance, go for a contest that requires your users to post relevant pictures, with the best picture attracting a prize.