Why Handymen Prefer Instagram Over Other Platforms

The social media space has enhanced interactions and made marketing easy unlike a few decades ago where people had to hire professionals to do the tasks. Various social media platforms can be used as conversational channels and also marketing tools and reach thousands of people at a low budget. Majority of the businesses we have today have already joined the bandwagon and are ready to reap the benefits. Skilled craftsmen have now dropped old marketing techniques and are enjoying the online space as well. The following are some of the reasons why Instagram is quite popular among handymen in the society today

    1. Marketing does not need formal training

A few years ago, marketers were respected because they had the ability to convince people to buy an idea and promote brands. Every business owner had to go through them at a fee to promote brands and make products known. It was somehow costly to some people and it also reduced their overall profits due to high operating costs. Social media has made it easy to market services and products without involving professionals in this area. You just have to observe what other brands are doing and copy a few tips. Ensure that you include call-to-actions that are enticing and provoke people to take action.

    1. You can automate some functions

As a handyman, people expect you to visit them at places of work or home to get the work done. You will always be on the move and getting time to interact or even grow your social accounts might be hard. Growing your account from the scratch can take long but remember that it is important if you want to get new clients. You can escape the struggle through automation and take your brand to the next level.¬†Anne Keiley’s blog¬†reviews some of the best tools that you can use to increase engagement or grow your account.

    1. Instagram is interactive

The best thing with social platforms is that they can double up as marketing tools and communication channels. When you share a post, people can comment, like and tag others to come and see your content. Always ensure that you answer all queries that come your way for you to create a good reputation. You can also direct your followers to your sales page by placing a link in the bio section. Share content that adds value to your followers so that they can recommend others as well.