Get To Know The Basic Configurations Of Ice Maker Machines

If you are investing in the food and beverage industry, one of the equipments that you must have is the ice maker machine. There will surely be a constant high demand for ice, and though purchasing volumes of ice from the grocery or from an ice supplier is a great idea, you are not assured of up to what quantity they can supply. Not to mention that price from suppliers fluctuates every now and then which could affect your overhead cost. If you have your own ice maker machine in the kitchen, you are absolutely spared from such dilemma.

There are lots of ice makers available in the market and each model has its own configuration, style and technology. The many brands available may overwhelm and confuse you, so it is better to stick to your specific requirements when looking for one. For an ice maker machine to be a valuable asset to your company, it must answer your specific needs and produce the quantity you require. has some tips and guidelines on how to purchase the right ice maker for your business.

Most of the food and beverage establishments require an ice maker machine that can produce great quantity to provide the high demand of ice from customers. Industrial-grade or commercial ice maker machines have three basic configurations:

·Counter Top Ice Machine:

This commercial ice maker machine may have a small bin, but it still can produce to as big as 400 pound of ice per day (24 hours). This type of ice maker machine commonly produces nugget ice which is often used in restaurants and other food-related establishments. An example of this machine is the Scotsman HID525A-1 Meridian Countertop Air Cooled Ice Machine and Water Dispenser.

·Under-counter Ice Maker Machine:

· This is known as a self-contained ice maker machine because of its relatively small size and lower ice-making capacity. For start-up restaurants or food establishments, this is a great machine to consider. This machine produces from 250 lb up to 320 pounds of ice per day (24 hours). Hoshizaki KM260BWH 237 Pound Self-contained Ice Maker With CycleSaver Design is a perfect example of this machine.

·Ice Machine Head:

· Also known as modular ice maker machine, this equipment functions as an ice machine dispenser and soda dispenser. Ice machine head is designed to position on top of an ice machine bin, is available in 22 –inch to 40-inch width, and has the capacity to produce around 200 pound of ice. Some models even have the capacity to produce a little over 100 pounds of ice per day using this machine. Example of this machine is the Scotsman ID200B Ice Machine.