Get The Trending Look With The Perfect Matt Lipstick

A statement making pout requires a perfectly applied matt lipstick. The right matt lipstick not only leaves the lips with a velvety finish but also is a sure showstopper. However, not the easiest of looks to pull off, when applied perfectly, it can create a flawless impression. Matt lipsticks come in a range of shades from hot pinks to deep mauves. If you are new to the lipstick scene but want to try your hands at the perfect matt lipstick look, find pro-tips at Here are few tips to choose the right matt lipstick so that you get the perfect pout without much fuss.

  • The biggest fear associated with matt lipsticks is the dryness factor. Matt lipsticks are known to leave the lips dry. However, many brands are now coming up with the perfect formulations that give a matt look minus the dryness. Look for lipsticks that give a velvety sheen but are matt in texture.
  • Prepping up the lips is the most important part before you put on any kind of lipstick, especially the matt ones.
  • Before you choose to apply a matt lip product, decide which one you want to go with-lip stain, lipstick or a lip-glossthat dries to a stain.
  • The next factor is the colour you want to choose. If you have a warm skin tone, go for browns, reds and orange-yellow toned colours. For fairer complexions, choose blue-purple toned red colours or pinks.
  • An important rule to consider before applying a matt lipstick is to exfoliate your lips nicely. Matt lipstick will turn your lips flaky and dry. Try exfoliating a night earlier or even an hour before you decide to wear the lip colour. Once done, slater your lips with some emollient lip balm.
  • Before applying the lip product, blot away any moisture from the lips. This will help in a smooth application of the lipstick without nay slip off or transfers.
  • Outline the lips with a concealer and blend well. This will help the colour pop out nicely. This will also create a barrier for the colour to bleed out of the lips.
  • Start with the bottom lip from the centre right up to the corners of the lips. Blot the lips together gently. Now apply the lipstick to the top lip from the centre to the corners.
  • Since it is a matt lipstick, you do not require blotting the colour onto a tissue.

These simple hacks will make your matt lipstick application a smooth sailing.