Dental Implants NYC


Dental implants are the artificial teeth which are surgically inserted or placed in the bone which is under your gums. These implants are a relatively recent dental procedure and they are the closest thing there’s to natural looking permanent teeth. The process is somewhat long and quite involved, and it is accomplished in series of stages which can take up-to about 9 months. That extended time that’s involved is necessary so as to allow for proper healing and recovery to take place & wait til new bones grow in your jaw. Once sufficient bone-growth is established, the replacement tooth is then attached to the metal post. The end-result is a false (that is, prosthetic) tooth which looks a lot like your natural tooth.

There are 2 types of teeth which can get placed in your mouth. One of them is the removal implants which resemble the traditional dentures. They can be a common or popular choice since they’re less costly compared to various other individual implants. The other type-of dental implant is known as a fixed-prothesis. When the artificial tooth gets permanently attached to an-individual implant abutment, it’s more expensive, but it is the closest thing there’s to natural looking teeth.

Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implants treatment usually involves a combined team effort whereby the dentists work hand in hand together with each 1 focusing on various steps that are involved in the implant procedure. For instance, 1 dentist might perform the implant-surgery, while the other dentist inserts the crown on-top of the dental implant. This is the reason why the cost-of implants is usually two fold. The 1st fee is for surgical implants, and the 2nd is for your prosthetic tooth.

Good Candidates-for Implants

For a dental implant to be fully and securely supported, the bones and the gums should be healthy. As a matter of fact, the overall or general health of the implant recipient should be good because it basically involves a surgical-procedure. The dental implant patient should be willing-to practice careful & consistent oral hygiene so as to help keep the gum tissue free-from disease.


Many factors are usually considered when estimating the actual cost of a dental implant. Some of the variables to put into consideration include; the type-of implant, experience level of the dentist or the dentists who will be caring out the procedure & where in the United States the procedure will be taking place. For instance, A practicing aesthetic & reconstructive dentist who is located in NYC can charge a fee of about $ 2,000 to $ 6,000 dollars for a tooth. In other places, one tooth dental implant may range in price starting from $ 1,000 to about $ 5,000. In some states, the fee charged for replacing the entire set-of teeth with the reconstructive dental implants may range anywhere between $ 24,000 to about $ 100,000. In general, many factors often go into estimating costs of dental implants.

Dental Insurance

Since many of the dental insurance providers usually categorize the implants as cosmetic procedures, it isn’t ordinarily an insurance covered expense/cost. Even in the cases where the implants may be covered by dental insurance policy, one may plan a co-payment.