Definitive Guide On How To Use Car Spray Paint

Car spray paint is one of the methods employed in giving a new look to your vehicle. It is an ideal way to conceal the scratches or to do a full painting job. Spray painting can make a perfect finish on your car. But, before doing it on your own, make sure that you know how to do it properly. The first thing that you should is to gather all the materials and tools needed such as abrasive papers, cellulose thinners. Newspaper, masking tape, primer, warm soapy water, dust mask, disposable gloves and the car spray paint.
Here is a guide that will help you in using the car spray paint.

Step One: Setting up

It is advisable to use car spray paint you’ve purchased from Paint Smoothly during summer when the weather is dry and warm. It’s because the spray paint contains aerosol that doesn’t work well during colder and damp temperatures and the drying time is slow. Make sure that all the materials are gathered and within your reach.

Step Two: Preparation

Before applying the car spray paint, you should first scratch the car’s surface using abrasive paper to make the metal resurface. Apply first a rust treatment and let it dry fully.

Step Three: Masking up

The areas that are not being painted should be covered with newspaper or masking tape so that hard edges can be avoided.

Step Four: Spraying Primer

Primer should be applied in some coats within 15 minutes interval after every coating until the area is covered evenly.

Step Five: Preparing to paint

The primer should dry thoroughly and wait for 24 hours before painting the car using car spray paint. Before applying the paint, the area should be cleaned with soapy, warm water then rinse and dry fully.

Step Six: Applying the paint

Shake vigorously the can of the car spray paint so that the paint will be mixed thoroughly. To ensure an even coat, your spray paint should be applied in a comprehensive manner either horizontally or vertically. Spray the paint from one end towards the other end.

Another thing to consider in using car spray paint is to know the right speed of moving the gun or can to ensure that the area is fully coated in every stroke. You should avoid letting the gun to arc otherwise too much paint will be applied thus results to uneven painting. The edges should be sprayed first before the main surfaces using a banding technique. Using car spray paint involves air thus there’s high possibility that paint may scatter on the surface or the ground where the car is placed. The ground should be wet so that the dust wouldn’t blow up onto the surface of the newly painted car.

Car spray paint is good to use if you are planning to repaint your vehicle. It can be a DIY painting job, but it can also damage the appearance of your vehicle if you’ll not follow the proper way of applying the spray paint.