Choosing Ink for Wide Format Printing

Wide format printers are defined as those that can print on a surface more than 17 inches wide. These can go up to 100 inches and are referred to as super wide format printers or grand printers.

Wide format printers are ideal for banners and signage in situations where the use of screen printing isn’t suitable or economical. This kind of printing is common in industries, and the difference between desktop printing and wide format printing is that the latter makes use of rolls of printing material as compared to individual sheets used in the former.

To get the best results when using wide format printers, you need to get the right kind of ink for the task. This ink comes in different types and colors; it depends upon you to choose what is suitable.

Color Density

One of the top aspects to look at when choosing the ink for the printer is the color density. Since you are printing on an exceptionally large surface, you need a high density so that each color stands out. Low color density is one of the reasons why you end up with giant signs that have unattractive and dull designs.

High color density also makes it possible to differentiate the colors on the signage. Each color should be able to represent a given aspect of the design. Elements need to come out clearly on the large surface.

Safe to Use

You also need to use ink that is safe for human use. These printers make use of a lot of ink, which means that if it is toxic, then the effects will be extensive. This is why it is just right that you go for a type of ink that doesn’t produce toxic fumes, which can cause health issues among the staff.

Free Flowing Ink

One of the issues with low-quality inks is that it leads to nozzle clogging. Since in wide format printing a lot of ink is used, then choose one that flows freely, such as Eco-Solvent Ink. With so much ink dispersed in a short time, the risk of clogging is high, which can lead to damage to the print job, leading to losses.


It takes more than just having the right wide format printer to handle your print projects successfully. What you need is to pick the right kind of ink for the job as well. Take time to choose ink that makes the job faster and more efficient.