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Intriguing Details About Brussels

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Brussels is an iconic city in every sense of the word. Hailed as the political capital of Europe, it is home to NATO headquarters, European Union institutions, diplomats and other international organizations. But those aren’t the only things that make Brussels tick. Here are some unique details about this city.

It Has About 138 Restaurants Every Square Mile

Now, that’s impressive, right? You can get almost every other culinary delight in Brussels. There are budget friendly to healthy options, must-visit joints and restaurants that offer one-of-a-kind dining experience. In other words, this city seems to have it all figured out when it comes to good food.

One of the Most Famous Landmarks is Just 61cm Tall

Now, that’s indeed captivating. In most cases, you’d expect a landmark in any location to be tall and easy to identify. Well, that’s not the case with Brussels. Manneken Pis, a famous statue has a height of only 61 centimeters. You’ll find the statue dressed in various costumes depending on the postings on the railings that surround a nearby fountain.

It is the “Home” of Chocolate

Belgium is the place to be if you love chocolate. More specifically, Brussels international airport is arguably the largest chocolate selling point on the planet. It may catch your attention to know that Belgium is not the largest producer of chocolate!

It is Home to One of the Deepest Pools in the World

Until 2014, Brussels took pride in having the deepest pool in the world. Despite its relegation to the second deepest pool on the planet, Nemo 33 is still popular with beginner scuba divers. It has a depth of 35 meters and a mind-boggling 2.7 million liters of non-chlorinated water.

It is a Major Trader of Beer

Apart from its chocolate, Brussels is also famous for beer. In fact, it holds the record for having a bar with the largest assortment of commercially available beers. At Delirium Café, you can choose from 2,004 types of beer! The café has its brand known as Delirium Tremens. Plus, Westvleteren, a national beer has won the Best Beer of the World a couple of times.

The Bottom Line

Brussels is a great place to visit. It has one of the most impressive city halls in the world an there’s even a statue of Jean-Claude Van Damme, the movie star. Other than that, Brussels has remarkable neighborhoods too. You can see here now about one of the most affluent suburbs you can visit and stay while in the city.

Three Characteristics That Make Tattered Women Unique

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If you are into portrait photography, you should check out Jamiya Wilson’s work.

Because it comes with a soulful approach, his work is a masterpiece. This is not surprising, considering he even attended San Francisco’s The Academy of Arts University, which allowed him to excel as a photographer.

One of his projects, Tattered Women, is definitely a majestic display of his approach as a photographer. Through it, you can see that not only does he have an eye for detail; he is also a passionate photographer.

Here are three characteristics that help define Tattered Women’s uniqueness:

1: It conveys messages regarding the treatment of women.

A major characteristic of Jamiya’s Tattered Women is that it goes beyond the ordinary. By looking at its bits and pieces, the project reveals the treatment of women in the fashion industry.

Moreover, Tattered Women gives justice to the fabricated images of women. If you check out his photographs entitled Stupid, Empty Soul, and Let Us Build You, you will ponder on the challenge that women can face. Thus, it is from Jamiya’s work that you will realize the mistreatment of models, remnants of advertising, and other women in fashion.

2: It evokes emotions over controversial issues involving women.

Additionally, Tattered Women features photographs entitled Jealous Boyfriend and Career over Children. Thus, it also focuses on showing racism, sex, exploitation, and other controversial issues.

You can see that carefully selected photographs are part of his lineup. It displays a collection of reality-based photographs (with each one having unique titles), which gives you an insider look at the different situations in the fashion industry.

Closely looking at such photographs – especially Nose Job, Greed, and Ethnic Diversity — evokes emotions that you may not experience with other artists’ photographs. Thus, not only does it allow you to zero in on their mundane and extravagant careers, Tattered Women also lets you contemplate on the lives of these women in fashion.

3: It addresses the need to change the “unjust” treatment of women.

Lastly, Tattered Women is a unique project because the artist is brave enough to depict the oftentimes-neglected issues. Because it shows the unfortunate realities of women in fashion, Jamiya’s work is empowering.

It raises awareness, and thus, encourages, you to make a difference. It motivates you to stand up and hold a firm ground regarding what you believe is right. Subtly, it tells you to be courageous by fighting for what women deserve.


Apart from Tattered Women, the rest of Jamiya’s works are iconic. Not too many photographers are brave enough to capture behind-the-scenes events, but Jamiya is.

To see different features on Tattered Women, to view the artist’s portfolio, or to know more about Jamiya Wilson, kindly click to visit website.

Wood You Look At That: DIY Log Projects

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If you’ve got some time on your hands and wood in your lands, take the opportunity to build some heartwarming pieces for around your house using logs. As well as adding a natural ambience, wood has the advantage of coming in different hues, sizes and shapes, and provide for a rustic outdoor feel that will put you in touch with the great outdoors.

Don’t be daunted by the seeming complexity of working with wood… once you get the hang of it, you’ll find the process gets easier as your imagination expands. Be sure to follow specific instructions and ensure that you have enough space and time to carry through your project. You can save yourself a lot of effort by investing in a decent wood splitter rather than attempting to cut it with your own hands. Do some research prior to your purchase via to determine which wood cutter will bet suit your needs and budget.

Once you have all the correct equipment and decent wood, it’s time to begin creating! The best part about wood is its versatility and strength – you can use it for just about anything. Take some inspiration from the ideas below, and don’t be afraid to tweak them and add your own personal touches as you go. If you’re a beginner, practice with the simpler ideas before trying your hands at some bigger projects!

Split Log Candle Holder: 

Split a log in half and place the flat side down so that it rests easily on the surface. Drill some holes along the top to snugly fit in some candles.

Bird Feeder:

Create a simple shelter for your outdoor trees by searching for design inspiration online. You can begin with a relatively simple and practical design, or challenge yourself to a more complex architectural house that the birds will love you for.

Stepping Stone Path: 

Tree stumps cut into narrow pieces make for an absolute stunning path when stuck along your walkway in random patterns.

Rustic Shelves: 

Put some wedges into split log stumps to fit in planks of wood. This piece looks beautiful whether you use it as a shoe stand or a book shelf, and can be easily adapted to size and shape.

Log Vase: 

Drill holes through an irregular piece of wood through whichever end looks the best, and stick your favourite vase in there. Ensure the wood is stable enough to stand on a straight surface!