Buying Youtube Followers – Where & How

Let’s not get ethical here, if you are against buying Youtube views and/or subscribers what are you doing on this site, reading this post, in the first place? Let’s not kid ourselves, we all need a little traction in the beginning so in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself some of that.

The best sites I found that sell what you are clearly looking for are Social10x, TubeAdder, AudienceGain, and MediaMister. But there is one more website that reviews all the previously mentioned sites so that you know what you are getting into. The site is called TrustAdvisor and I definitely trust them as I only heard good news about them and I got my own bot right after I went through their reviews.

The highest rated site is Social10x that received 16 votes good for an overall rating of 9.7 out of a scale from one to ten. That’s pretty excellent if you ask me.

What’s important to know is that price isn’t everything, there are many services that are dead cheap but the views are 100% fake, consider this before investing your hard earned money as I hate to see you wasting all of it on a worthless service. Sure it looks impressive if your video has 100k views but Youtube ain’t stupid. Google bought Youtube a long time ago so they have access to the very same algorithm that delivers you the results when you type something in Google and they are pretty good at it, else everyone wouldn’t be using them of course.

Youtube views also come in different types and sizes, yep it’s not only about the size of the package but there is this thing called retention views. In simple words that means that you can select the number of seconds, your videos will be watched. Sometimes they allow you to set the percentage. You can imagine that Youtube wants to show videos that are being watched from the start till the end right? If you buy views that only last three seconds it’s much more likely to actually hurt your rankings in Youtube, while when they watch it till the end, or so the bot does and it manages to stay undetected your rankings will actually increase and so will your natural views and subscribers and obviously that’s what you are after.

Real views, real subscribers, real buyers so get started today and become a Youtube star!