Benefits of Laser Engraving on Metal Parts

Laser engraving on metals is one of the standard ways of labeling products that need to be coded for traceability purposes. The process is becoming more and more popular in the electronics, automotive, medical and mechanical industries due to its high level of precision. It is one of the most recent alternatives to traditional marking systems that were less durable and highly limited. Needham Coding mentions some of the common metals you can successfully mark using the laser engraving method.

There are various advantages of using laser engraving on metallic products.

Enhanced Reliability

It is easy to misplace any unmarked parts of an item especially in complex environments where small metallic parts are processed. Laser engraving increases the level of traceability of these parts through marks that are very precise and clean.


Most engravings made using the laser technology can withstand all industrial environments. Unlike labels which can peel off easily, laser marks provide permanent identification that lasts long. This offers an economical way of identifying parts as the engraving does not have to be performed several times.

Contactless Marking

Engraving metal using a laser machine is very clean because the machine does not come into contact with the surface during the process. This makes it easy to create very precise markings such as matrix codes, logos and serial numbers at a high resolution. There is no pre and post-processing thus the surface remains undamaged. The contactless marking also ensures the durability of the machine, minimizing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Color Marking

Laser engraving facilitates the marking of colors on metals, mostly stainless steel. This provides manufacturers with an opportunity to create special color codes and patterns such as logos on metallic products.


It is very easy to identify laser engraved devices because they bear all appropriate identifiers. This is important in the medical industry where specific types of equipment are required for use in patients’ procedures. The marks cannot be forged or changed which limits the production of counterfeit products.

Flexible Depth

Laser marking systems are capable of meeting all your engraving depth needs. Whether you require a surface marking or a deep mark on the metal, the system makes provision for this.

In Closing

Laser engraving is applicable to processing several metal types. The process results in very elegant patterns that can satisfy every printing demand. It has a strong market competitiveness and may soon overtake most metal processing methods.