How to Benefit From Instagram as a Musician

Apart from Instagram being the best platform for musicians looking for some fame, it is also free to use! Instagram for music bands isn’t something complicated – all you need is your Smartphone and an Instagram account.

There are a few things you need to put in mind if you need to grab all the benefits of this awesome platform.

Sync the Platform to ALL Existing Social Media Profiles

This includes Twitter, Facebook and any other social media site that you are using. To make it a success, ensure that you have a consistent profile across all the pages.

To save time and redirect users to your Instagram page, you can come up with a post on Instagram and then share it across all the social media channels.

Each fan has his own way to engage with your content. Some come straight to Instagram, some like Twitter, some your blog – give them the avenue they want. Unless you are hosting a campaign on one of the channels, you should use all the channels to get your message across.

Give Your Audience Something about Everything

This is all about your images. Fans wish to see everything from live shots, broken guitars, spoilt drums, dyed hair, practice sessions, video shooting and all. They are looking to be a part of your life, therefore, they want to know what you go through each day, each night.

Run a Series

You can pest a whole series of related images over the course of a certain period, say, a month or two. This gives your fans something to come back to each time. You can use a bot to schedule and manage the posts. This gives you enough time to practice and come up with a better series. Check out the different kinds of bots at and choose one that allows you to monitor the posts and even re-schedule them.

Caption Your Images

Being that you are going to come up with hundreds of images over a given period, you need to make sure that each image has a caption. Captioning helps users to understand what each image is all about.

In Closing

Instagram can take you from zero to hero within no time at all. As a musician, you need to go after fans the right way. Take time to understand your audience and give them what they want in terms of images. You can also run a series to give the audience continuous updates on your progress