A Beginner’s Guide to Natural Hair Care Products and Accessories

The popularity and availability of natural hair products has grown steadily in recent years. They range from hair loss products to styling creams. Part of why they’re popular is that they use fewer chemicals and have fewer side effects.

These products combined with hair health, which includes vitamins, minerals, and water, are the perfect way to take care of your hair.

Hair care is both external and internal. It’s as important to treat your hair well from the inside as it is from the outside.

Be aware that a label may claim to be natural, but that doesn’t make it so. Read the ingredients, or consult a hairdresser or hair care specialist to find out the exact contents of your product. Chemicals don’t fit the definition of natural. Nature provides many hair care alternatives that leave your hair healthy and shiny.

There are many benefits of using natural hair care products.

They reduces the risk of over-processing. Too much product can damage your hair and scalp.

When it comes to these products, you’ll find 4 different kinds: Shampoo, conditioner, repair/restore, and nutrition.

What does natural mean when it comes to hair care products? Basically, chemical-free, preservative-free, synthetic-free. Don’t be fooled by the word ‘organic’. It doesn’t always mean natural. It could in some products, but it’s wise to check the labels and know what’s in the product.

Some popular hair care products include nettle root extract, which contains vitamins A and C. Saw palmetto extract is used to fight alopecia, which is hair loss. Rosemary and sage are herbs strengthens your hair. Jojoba oil helps prevent skin disease and dry scalp/hair. Aloe vera cleans the pores, and is often combined with wheat germ and coconut milk to improve the health and vibrancy of your hair. Henna makes your hair shine and is used as a coloring agent. Eggs and mayonnaise are two other ingredients often found in natural hair care products, to enhance shine and health.

As you can see, there are natural products for all of your hair care needs. Do a little research online to compare ingredients, prices, and reviews. Or talk with a hairdresser who is familiar with natural products. Some are not as familiar, and will only praise the products they know or use for their customers. Some salons only carry traditional products and may even discourage you from using something not offered in their establishment, so it pays to shop around.

Some accessories you may want to consider are the reliable standbys like combs, brushes, clips, hairbands, etc. Here at Brushed Straight, you’ll find other tips for hair care, from choosing the right brush to learning what to do for damaged hair.