7 Essential Bike Accessories to Buy

When considering what bike accessories or gear to buy, safety should be one of your key considerations. Here are 7 common accessories you can get for your bike, but you’re the only one who can determine what’s essential for your bike. It’s probably wise to begin with the essentials and get additional items as and when you need them.

Repair kits

You should always have a basic bike repair kit on hand containing a spare tube, puncture kit, tire levers, as well as multi-tool for performing basic adjustments. You may have other bike maintenance tools at home, but all you need when out there cycling is your basic repair kit.


If you’re touring or commuting long distances, a mirror may prove helpful so you can see what other vehicles or traffic is behind you and move accordingly. Mirrors can clip onto handlebars or your helmet easily.


You’ll want to get a nice bike lock if you treasure your bike. The better the lock, the more expensive it can be. All in all, the really good locks are pretty fail-safe so make sure you do not lose your key.

Bike pumps

The bike pumps of nowadays are extremely-user friendly, but the type you need will depend on your tires’ valves. Be sure to check this out prior to buying a pump. Standard models need an extension tube attached at one end but new models do fit the valve directly and you can use one pump for both road biking tires and mountain bike. Ask your bike shop what tire pressure is required when inflating your bike tires. You can also see the pressure range written on one side of the tire. Visit http://www.pumpsforbikes.com/ for more insight on bike pumps.


A helmet is a must-have accessory you can use whenever you ride, no matter what the laws say about them. When picking a helmet, think about how it fits and its safety aspects instead of price or style. There are helmets out there for different styles of riding, such as downhill mountain biking, which requires a motorbike style full face helmet. A nice helmet should fit firmly without any gap between your head and it.


If you intend to do some riding at night, you need a rear and front light, or you should install reflective lights at the very least. Lights are more important for making you visible on the road than actually lighting your way, but if you are riding through the forest at night, you’ll need a powerful light. Before you head out, check your batteries, recharge them or get spare batteries in case they run out. Some bike lights have a generator that rubs against your rear or front tire (when turned on), generating electricity as you ride. This removes the need to use batteries.