4 Genius Marketing Strategies for Business-Owners on Instagram

Your Instagram account is a social media platform that lets you show photos to your community – and engage with this community as much as you want. But did you know that your Instagram account is a gold mine?

It is! If you’re a business owner, you’re in the right place. If you know how to create the right post and reach out to the right audiences, you’re already halfway there!

You may want to try these genius marketing strategies, too.

1 – Become an Active Member of Instagram Communities

Firstly, be active. Instagram is a social network and socializing is a big part of the deal. So, get out there and use it to your advantage.

Expose yourself and your business. This is an essential component of growing your business with the help of Instagram – and particularly, its communities. Comment, like, and reply to the posts of the people in your network.

Interacting with them lets them know that you’re interested in their offer. And if they know that you’re interested in their offer, they’re likely to return the favor.

2 – Create Quality Content

The next strategy is to give the good stuff to audiences. Don’t bore them with low-quality photos and/or grammatically incorrect captions. And instead, take matters up a notch by creating quality content that engages them.

By focusing on interesting content, audiences will start getting hooked on you. Continue it and you may just earn yourself a cult in a couple of months.

3 – Post According to the Optimal Posting Frequency

And speaking of posts, post regularly. Research (involving 55 brands on the social platform) says that the optimal posting frequency is 1.5 times every day.

Considering this fact, you should post once or twice a day. This lets your followers (and potential followers) know that you don’t own an abandoned account.

And according to the same research, brands that post often and ignore the normal posting frequency are not exactly committing an offense to their marketing game. Posting often did not decrease their number of followers. It did, however, conclude that the followers of brands that post a lot more than once or twice had a reputation: they were annoying.

4 – The Power of Automation & Natural Traffic

Last but not the least is this. Automation can further your marketing journey on Instagram. It speeds up general processes, lessens errors, and eases off the workload.

You can also attract an audience naturally. You can use popular hashtags, collaborate with famous brands, and use filters. To know more secrets, check out this post: Where to Buy Automatic Instagram Likes & 26 Ways to Get Them Naturally – Spire